Seeking Help from the Smartsheet Community - Document Management and Training Matrix


Dear Smartsheet Community,

I'm reaching out to seek your valuable insights and experiences, as I'm currently working on two crucial projects within my organization.

  1. Document Management: Our current document management system involves a mix of various tools, spreadsheets, and shared folders. While it's functional, it's not up to the standards we aspire to. I'm eager to leverage Smartsheet for more efficient document management. If you've successfully implemented Smartsheet for this purpose or have tips, templates, or best practices to share, I would greatly appreciate your input.
  2. Training Matrix and Training Tracking: In addition, I'm working on developing a comprehensive training matrix and tracking system. Our goal is to create a dynamic and efficient solution using Smartsheet. If you have experience in setting up such a system within Smartsheet, your insights would be invaluable.

Whether you have experience in one or both of these areas, I would be immensely grateful for your input. Please don't hesitate to respond to this message and share your thoughts.



  • Deric
    Deric ✭✭✭✭✭
    1. Document Management: Smartsheet is good for document management when you have limited, specific documents that you want to share. One thing that I like to do is attach frequently used documents to my templates. That way the documents are there everytime I use the template. I usually create a resource row and attach documents to named child rows. You can also use dashboards to share documents; the Smartsheet created templates have good examples of ways to do this. IMO SharePoint is a much better solution for sharing and collaborating documents - not sure if that is an option for you.