Auto Check a box when one column is greater than another

Is there a formula or function that I can set up when the amount in one column is greater than the amount in another column, a box is checked? This will essentially be a spreadsheet to keep track of percentages on a week by week basis. So when the percentage on the 10/24 column is greater than the percentage on the 10/17 column, I'd like a box in another column to automatically check.

The only thing i can find is conditional formatting for when the percentage is higher than a determined value.


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  • DKazatsky2
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    Hi @JPavlasek ,

    You can use this formula in the checkbox row.

    =IF([10/24]@row > [10/17]@row, 1)

    Keep in mind, this only works for 10/24 and 10/17, if you are trying to compare other columns, you would need to change the formula.

    Hope this helps,



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