Shortlisted as Finalist for an industry award, in the category of ''Rising Star'' 2023

Salèha El D.
Salèha El D. ✭✭✭✭✭
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I'm thrilled and excited to share with my Smartsheet community, that I am a finalist for the Access All Areas Conference & Awards, in the 💫 Rising Star category💫.

This was based on my implementation of Smartsheet WorkFlows /Reports /Dashboards /Data Analysis ... in the workplace

After a few months in the company (2021), I saw an opportunity to create a new process that would impact on the productivity, time saving and less mistakes – it was all mapped out in my head, the WorkFlow was born. 

I like order, and I only see solutions, plus I am very driven, so between lunch breaks and spare moments I worked hard on the WorkFlow - in September 2022 I presented my Process Improvement plan to support processes, an analytical tool, tailor-made to solve a specific problem (adding a dynamic layer to the data in use, enhancing user experience and productivity...), and to suit a particular need(s). I got the green light to test it and roll it out – this was a success.

The WorkFlow is now fully functioning, allowing sharing crucial data across departments. Which ultimately, leads to one of my favourite good data management principles: ‘’collect once, use many times’’.

I believe there is still so much improvements to implement and this gets me motivated to continue my journey of learning, also getting my colleagues to see how Smartsheet can help them.

So I am quiet excited. Will know if I am a winner on 16.11.23 😁#fingerscrossed #AAAAwards

Salèha El D.

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