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Hi, I need to calculation the number of hours from the Start time as well as End time and deducting 30 mins lunch break. Example: If start time is 10am and end time is 6pm which is basically 8 hours then deduct the lunch break and the final output is 7.5. Please help on how to apply the formula.


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    Hi Kamya,

    Based on a couple of assumptions:

    1. There is no overnight scenarios
    2. " . " must be keyed in as " : "

    With that this formula works: =24 * ((TIME([End Time]1, 1, 2) - 30) - TIME([Start Time]1, 1, 2))

    Oh by the way, this formula will deduct 30mins (24* ((Ti..... -30) even if it is less than 7 hours. So you need to tweek for other requirements.

    Hope this helps!


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