How to format specific/named date in If/Then formula

I have a column for the record Create Date. I have a column within the grid that needs to evaluate the CREATE DATE compared to a specific date - 10/27/2023.

I've tried several variations of formatting the date within the IF statement with no success:

=IF(Created@row < 10 / 27 / 23, "blank", "not blank") .... Smartsheet forces the spaces into the format here.

=IF(Created@row < "10/27/23, "blank", "not blank") = Invalid Op

=IF(Created@row < [10/27/23], "blank", "not blank") = Invalid Op

=IF(Created@row < '10/27/23', "blank", "not blank") = unparseable

Surely I don't have to create a helper column just to hold this marker-date to do the calculation, right?

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