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Update requests not updating

Neil Harper
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts


Please can somebody help me with what seems like an easy process of requesting an update, but is not working.


I have done selected the rows and cells that I require updated and sent them to an external stakeholder as per the documentation and videos.


The first attempt did not actually update the Smartsheet, I had to manually copy and paste the data from the email update that I received as completed.


The second attempt did not work at all.  External stakeholder completed 41 out of about 100 updates, but did not finish.  This has neither updated in the smartsheet or stayed in the cache so that she can continue where she left off.  


What is wrong here please.  See screenshots.




SmartSheet-Update question1.JPG

SmartSheet-Update question2.JPG


  • Hi Neil,

    It sounds like two different events occurred:

    1. The person you sent the update request to replied to the email instead of clicking the Update button in the email. Replying to an update request email won't update a sheet—they'll need to click that button.

    2. Someone did click the button, but may not have gotten all the way through the request and clicked the Submit button at the end. Since you gave them a group of 100 rows to update, they'll need to click the forward arrow at the bottom of each row after changing each row to get to the last row. They'll then see a Submit button (instead of a forward arrow) and when they click that, their changes will be saved to the sheet.

    To reduce the effort of them having to click that arrow so many times, you might consider sending multiple update requests to them. Sure, they'd get multiple emails, but it might be easier for them to handle if they only have to click through 10-20 arrows in 10-5 different update requests as opposed to clicking the forward arrow 100 times in one.

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