Copy row Automation not working when triggered by a Vlookup field


Hi All

I'm very new to Smartsheet.

I'm using the "helper sheets" technique to help me copy specific column data from 1 sheet into another. But can't get the automation to copy a row when the cells criteria change on a vlookup cell.

This may sound long-winded, but I have several different unique forms that clients complete where different teams then check the data, add info, and then manually tick a box to copy that row. The clients can't use the same form as they have client-specific info on, and the different teams can't see other teams' data. All the check data, regardless of client, then needs to populate into a new sheet with an allocated reference number for my team to work on; the reference number is a set format and is an auto number.

Below is the process for just one of these forms.

I have the Client sheet linked to the form (sheet 1) with a "copy row when met criteria" into a helper sheet (sheet 2) when manually triggered. I have another helper sheet (sheet 3) with Vlookups to pull data from certain columns only from sheet 2. I have set up an automation"copy row when met criteria" in sheet 3 to populate into the master sheet (sheet 4).

My issue is I need help getting the automation to work on sheet 3 > sheet 4.

I added a blank column all the way through the process so when "trigger - when Blanck" is no longer "#NO MATCH" the automation should copy the cells to sheet 4.

the automation I have is:

I've tried changing the different variables but it only works when I open the sheet and manually clear the cell in the trigger collum.

Any help either with this trigger or a better way to manage this process would be great. Thank you.


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