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I am hoping someone may be able to help.

I am moving from an Excel tracker to SmartSheets. On Excel, I have a button function which, when clicked, automatically generates a new entry at the bottom of the sheet with a unique ID number. Please see attached photo for reference.

Is it possible to do a similar button function at the top of a SmartSheet Sheet? I know how to create a unique ID number each time a new form is submitted, but I am hoping to minimise the number of steps required and remove the form so users only have to click a button to get a unique ID number.

Any advice and help is really appreciated.



  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers
    edited 11/09/23

    Edit: missed the sentence where you already knew this. There is no button. But if they just type in the next row, it will create an ID number. I'm not sure what you need from the button.

    There is an auto number column built into Smartsheet that will always choose the next number when a row is added, or form submitted.

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