transferring specific row information to other pages based on drop down list


Still trying to learn how to make this happen...

We have a master list (1st pic) where all RFQ information is input manually, when the selection of PO/SDR is selected from drop down, we want specific information to transfer to the next avalible line in Detailing department Sheet (2nd pic). Anyone have a suggestion or pointers in making this happen?


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    edited 11/09/23

    You could use an automation. This would copy or move the entire row (but you could hide the extra columns you don't want to see on the second sheet).

    The trigger would be when a row is added or changed

    the When would be Status

    The changes to would be PO/SDR

    You set this up using the Automation menu option next to filen in the top menu bar of your master list.

    If you choose Create workflow from template there is a template under Sheet to Sheet workflows that will do just what you need

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