Calculating a date up to 60 months in future

I need to calculate a future date from a past date + a number of months. I have a working formula but it breaks after 14 MONTHS . I think it creates some sort of circular reference error after it passes the current MONTH in the following YEAR but am so far unable to correct the issue. I think i need to nest some additional IF statement in there for ">" 24, 36, 48 & 60 months of Shelf Life.

=IF(MONTH(CurrCal@row) + [ShelfLife (months)]@row > 12, DATE(YEAR(CurrCal@row) + 1, MONTH(CurrCal@row) - (12 - [ShelfLife (months)]@row), DAY(CurrCal@row)), DATE(YEAR(CurrCal@row), MONTH(CurrCal@row) + [ShelfLife (months)]@row, DAY(CurrCal@row)))

Advice and help appreciated.


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