Calculating CountIfs using multiple criteria in the same column.

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Looking to get help with this calculation. Currently trying to calculate Active Projects by Size using the below formula, referencing our Project Intake sheet (external sheet reference) that is our source of truth.

In the formula below, I am looking to get the CountIfs formula to count how many rows have "Analysis: Approved - Active" and "Project: Approved - Active" listed in our "Intake Status" column.

I can get it to calculate for either "Label$10" or "Label$11" but not both in the same row. I have tried using CountIFS with OR but still am not getting the numbers needed

Formula: =COUNTIFS({Project Size}, Label@row, {ProjectProgram}, "Project", {Intake Status}, Label$10, {Intake Status}, Label$11))

Error being thrown is #UNPARSEABLE


  • AnthonyCasazza

    Found my own solve --

    =COUNTIFS({Project Size}, Label@row, {Intake Status}, Label$9, {ProjectProgram}, "Project") + COUNTIFS({Project Size}, Label@row, {Intake Status}, Label$11, {ProjectProgram}, "Project")

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