Trying to calculate the time between 2 separate date entries based on criteria


I need to calculate the time between the fill entry and the last fermentation log for each specific batch #, and I need it to work for an entire sheet with multiple batch #s. I can get it to work for an individual batch #, but when I try and turn it into a column formula I cannot get it to translate for each separate batch #. I do have a separate sheet filtering out specific fill entries (if that helps), but not filtering data for each individual batch # as that would involve 100s of sheets.

Is there a formula that might work for what I am trying to do?



  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Can you share the formula that you are trying to use?

    Column formulas cannot refer to cells or ranges with specific row numbers such as with absolute references, specific cell references, or partial-column ranges.

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