How does INDEX and MATCH work for copying an entire column from one sheet to another?


I'm trying to use INDEX and MATCH to copy data from a source sheet to another sheet. My issue is that all the columns have different names between the two sheets. The source sheet is our info-gathering sheet. I want to use INDEX and MATCH to pull entire columns worth of info from the source sheet to our "Upload Template". Does one column have to share a name and data in order to reference between the two?


  • KPH
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    The column names do not have to match but you will need data that is common in both sheets to match on.

    For example, if your source sheet had an ID for each row, and it was called "ID" but the Upload Template has a column called "Source ID" that contains the same ID numbers that would be completely fine. You match the ID numbers across the two columns and pull in any other columns you need.

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