Issue combining multiple cells in one sheet


I am trying to combine 4 numerical cells in a single sheet into another cell/different column in the same sheet. When i do this it is creating a sum of the first two cells and combining the rest.

1 1 00614 100

Outcome is 200614100

Formula =JOIN([Grouper 1 (Entity)]@row + [Grouper 2 (Type)]@row + [Grouper 3 (Numerical Workday Center # - 5 Digits)]@row + [Start Ticker # (Always Starts With 100)]@row)

I do not understand why it would add the first two and then combine the others. Each column is set to text/number

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    Hi @mcaulism

    The JOIN syntax is JOIN(range, delineator) .

    In your formula, the range is something like 123+455+ABC, so the formula first gets the 123+456= 569 and then combines it with ABC. 😀

    To treat Number+Number to act like NumberNumber or 123+456=123456, you can add "" as =123+""+456.

    Or, if you change the formula to JOIN([Grouper 1 (Entity)]@row:[Start Ticker # (Always Starts With 100)]@row), the JOIN function will treat all the values in the [Grouper 1 (Entity)]@row:[Start Ticker # (Always Starts With 100)]@row range as text, and you will get the desired result like 12345ABC.


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