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JoeAcevedo ✭✭
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Hello I'm fairly new to actually using formulas on Smartsheet but its been a great tool thus far in what I've been doing, I have a question regarding making a weekly rolling number formula, if that makes sense. I want to take one columns information specifying a targeted area in the column and then reference another columns dates, So possibly a countif "Department" which is column 1 - Is less then 7 days prior to today, which would be the created date. Hope I'm making sense lol. This would generate a single metric for that department Weekly


  • Danielle Arteaga
    Danielle Arteaga ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, Joe. It's not entirely clear what you want to count. Are you trying to count the number of departments that have identified a defect in the past week (7 days before today)? Are you expecting each department to report defects each week? Or at least once?

    Some additional details about what you are trying to measure would help guide you.

  • JoeAcevedo

    Danielle, thank you for your response I appreciate you taking the time out to answer and get more information from me, Ive been cramming since this question and have figured out what I needed, I wanted to collect data weekly from multiple areas and show a trend some how week by week, so i did a few formulas and found the greater then less then DATE formula got the job done for me :) thanks again

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