I am trying to write a formula to Identify departments that have not reported


I am trying to write a formula that will display departments on a dashboard that have NOT updated a value at any given time.

Basically, in this Scenario, If the Stamping dept has nothing logged in labor hours, I want Stamping dept to populate in a Dashboard as "non report" of sorts.

I have tried using an =IF formula on another sheet to identify but keep getting errors. I am sure their is an easy way that I am overlooking.


  • Danielle Arteaga
    Danielle Arteaga ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, Brian. You might use a report. Create a report based on your sheet. Select which columns you want to appear in the report, then apply a filter to the [Labor Hours] column that shows only those that are blank or zero. You can then add a Report widget to your dashboard that will display the report. What's nice about this is that it is dynamic. So, if changes are made to the sheet on which the report is based, your report will automatically update on your dashboard.

    Here's more on reports if they are new to you: https://help.smartsheet.com/learning-track/smartsheet-intermediate/reports

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