How do I know if the quarter in a row matches the quarter that is is today?


I have a column name "Quarter". I has a formula the generates what quarter the date is in this fashion ( Q1 / Q2 / Etc).

What I have been trying to do is use the Today() function to try and match it to the quarter of todays date.

=COUNTIFS([RLO Receive Date]:[RLO Receive Date], >=TODAY(-365), AND(Quarter:Quarter@row, Quarter:Quarter@row TODAY()))

I know this is wrong but the concept is there: Count the RLO date IF its in the last year AND if the quarter at the row MATCHES the quarter today.

My guess is that I have to some how identify, in a new column, a way to reference the constantly changing date of TODAY and put the quarter identifying formula from my quarter column?

Ricky T

Gov Contractor for USSF


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