Workaround for if statement from form



I was hoping to get some help with a formula/workaround in the following scenario:

-A client fills out their information as the "submitter" in a form (Column 1).

-The client is asked in the form if they are also the authorized representative from their organization to sign a DocuSign integration (Column 2 - Is the submitter also the authorized signer? - yes or no)

-If yes, form logic does not ask them about Column 3 - authorized signer column (we are trying to reduce duplication on their part), so it come through on the processing side as blank

I want to use an if/then statement that is something like this in Column 3: =IF([Column 2]@row = "Yes", [Column 1]@row), but I need to incorporate an option for the "false" component that retains the information submitted in the form if Column 2 = no.

I think I understand that typically, form-submitted information can't be changed with a formula, but I am wondering if anyone has thoughts on a work around? Otherwise, my team is currently copying and pasting info from Column 1 to Column 3 if applicable. I am worried that this is opening the door for error.

Thanks in advance!!



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