SUMIFS with OR Function


I'm trying to sum a column if the value in another column is one of two options.

Sum CMMachines if Status = Complete or Partially Complete

This is what I have and isn't working:

=SUMIFS([CM Machines]:[CM Machines], (Status:Status, "Complete", Status:Status, "Partially Complete"))


  • Zachary Hall
    Zachary Hall ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Kerri,

    I would recommend something like:

    • =SUMIF([CM Machines]:[CM Machines], Status:Status, "Complete")+SUMIF([CM Machines]:[CM Machines], Status:Status, "Partially Complete")

    Hope this helps!


    Zach Hall

    Training Delivery Manager / Charter Communications

  • mkoch
    mkoch ✭✭✭✭

    You could try a sum of your two conditions.

    =SUM(SUMIF(Status:Status, "Complete", [CM Machine]:[CM Machine]), SUMIF(Status:Status, "Partially Complete", [CM Machine]:[CM Machine]))

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