If Multiple Cells Are NOT Blank, Fill with "Pass" or "Fail"


Hi there,

Trying to make a formula under my Pass/Fail column that results in a "Pass" if particular cells are blank but "Fail" if not. This is for quality control.

So... this isn't working and I have tried numerous variations that work up until a certain point.

=IF(OR(NOTBLANK([Complete - Critical Errors]@row, [Untimely - Critical Errors]@row, [Inaccurate - Critical Errors]@row, "Pass", "Fail")

Thank you in advance.


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    Hello @ElizabethOwen,

    You have to break "NOT" and "ISBLANK" into 2 separate functions. Try this:

    =IF(OR(NOT(ISBLANK([Complete - Critical Errors]@row)), NOT(ISBLANK([Untimely - Critical Errors]@row)), NOT(ISBLANK([Inaccurate - Critical Errors]@row))), "Pass", "Fail")

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