Metrics on Multi-Select with multiple criteria?

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QUESTION How to calculate uptime based on Multi-select

Good afternoon.

I tried many things, and am still unable to accomplish the following:

  • a) Sum a duration column
  • b) When the duration is ">0"
  • c) AND the "Incident Type" = "Outage"
  • d) AND the "Impacted System" matches either "DW" or "BYOD"
  • e) if the multi-select cell contains both matching values, only sum it once

The following was my last attempt at simplifying the formula to try to figure out how to do 'd).

Any advice is appreciated.

=1- (SUMIF([Impacted System]:[Impacted System], HAS(OR(@cell, "DW", @cell, "BYOD")), [Incident Duration]:[Incident Duration]))


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