How to find the count of projects assigned to an individual with a specific status.


Hey everyone.

I am looking to count the number of projects assigned to an individual with the status of not completed.

I am referencing another sheet for the formula. Here is what I came up with. And individually the formulas work but together they do not.

I really appreciate the help!

=COUNTIFS({BA Ideation Tracker Range 4}, <>"Completed", {BA Ideation Tracker Range 1}, HAS(@cell, [BA Assigned]@row))



  • Jason Tarpinian
    Jason Tarpinian ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Your formula is correct, so something in your ranges or field types is throwing it off. Verify that your range sizes are the same/the entire sheet. Is your "BA Ideation Tracker Range 1" a multi-select contact list column? If it is a single contact only, you can clean up the formula a little bit and remove the HAS function for the criterion there.

    Jason Tarpinian - Sevan Technology

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