Create a list from column data within existing(current sheet)

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Hi All,

Quick query, I have a sheet of data with my Issue Key column holding data that I want to reference. I have a secondary column that i want to have a list generated based off that data. this is all within the current sheet.


Issue Key | linked item

a | (this is a look up that contains a - e)

b | (this is a look up that contains a - e)

c | (this is a look up that contains a - e) .....

d |

e |

I'd like to be able to select multiple items if possible with out additional sheets and hundreds of helpers.

Any thoughts?

Thanks TWC

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  • TWC
    TWC ✭✭

    just to add for clarity, an item listed, say Issue Key D, is connected to the Issue Key A I want to be able to select that Issue Key D is linked to Issue Key A.

    This is not a smartsheets link just a parent child type situation. The challenge i have is taking all the data in column "Issue Key" and adding this to a drop down in Column "Linked Item"

    hope that adds some clarity

    thanks TWC

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @TWC

    If I'm understanding you correctly, as values are added into one column (Issue Key), the same value appears in the dropdown list as part of the column properties of the second column.

    So if this is the current list:

    Then I add another row with a unique value:

    And that value appears in the dropdown. Is this your request?

    If so, this currently isn't possible in the core Smartsheet application, but if you have access to either Bridge or DataShuttle you can update column properties automatically.

    Here's more information: Update your dropdown columns with Bridge workflows and Create an upload workflow in Data Shuttle

    Please feel free to add your vote and voice to this Product Idea thread: Datasources for Dropdown Menus



  • TWC
    TWC ✭✭

    Genevieve, Sadly, Yes this answers my question. not the way I wanted but now I know. I was trying to look at a way to link Subtasks to Tasks, Task to Stories...... in a more programmatic way that would allow me to work with Jira a little better. Will see if we have either of the 2 options. Many thanks for the detailed reply. - Happy Holidays!!

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