How can I log/Add hours to a running total each week?

I would like to track hours each week. We have an automated update that goes out weekly and will ask how many hours were spent on each project/task. I would like to add these to a running total of hours. Bonus points if I can have the "Hours logged this week" zero out after it is added to the actual hours column.


  • I am not completely ensure I understand what you are trying to do, but one approach might be to add a checkbox column with a formula that automatically checks off when the Actual Hours column equals the Hours Logged This Week column. This would allow you to generate reports (and automations) on hours that have not been confirmed as actual, sum up cumulative hours logged by project (by ignoring the checkbox), and identify hours logged by week (assuming you have a column indicating the week the initial data was logged). Hope this is helpful in getting where you are trying to go.

  • Thank you! That is not what I am trying to do, but let me try to explain better with examples! I believe our team is really low-balling the hours we work on given projects. Let's say we are working on a project over a span of 4 months. We estimated that we would spend 120 hours on it. In order to log actual hours, I am asking them to submit a weekly hour report. Each week, the hours they submit, I would like to add up in another column. So, week 1 I submit 10 Hours, Week 2 I submit 3, Week 3 I submit 8. These would automatically add up in an "Actual Hours" column to total 21 by week 3.

    Does this help at all?