How to get a column to state a status off the health color indicator

cferias ✭✭
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I have a column with colored health status of some project tasks, due to the fact in email updates and that you cannot see the colored got in the email, I am hoping to add a column that with align with the colored dot column with words so those getting the email can see the health if the item.

So just looking to have the following:

If dot is red, new column will state "Late"

If dot is yellow, new column will state "At Risk (<10days)"

If dot is green, new column will state " On-Track"

If dot is grey , new column will state "TBD"

OR if anyone knows a better way to send update emails that looks better than the following - note the "project status" column in the photo is a manual drop down and what to do the above to that column



  • markkrebs
    markkrebs ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    =IF(Dot@row = "red", "Late", IF(Dot@row = "Yellow", "At Risk", IF(Dot@row = "green", "On-track", IF(Dot@row = "Gray", "TBD"))))

    Also could just send them the link to a view only dashboard with this info and possibly other info on it instead of emailing the status report.

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