Can you make a workflow that has a

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I hope I can explain this well enough it makes sense!

We are trying to verify a temperature reading with a probe that sits in a tank of water with another thermal temperature reading to ensure our probe in the bath is reading correctly. What we need is for our 1 temperature reading to be within 5 degrees of the other. Is it possible to make a workflow like that? Or can you only create a range of numbers for that temperature to fall into. We found this to be an issue because if the tank of water isn't heated up into the spec range we will get an out of spec condition, when in reality we just need the 2 temperature readings to be with 5 degrees of each other.



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  • Paul Newcome
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    You will need a series of helper columns (one for each set of temps).

    You would use a formula to output the text "Red", "Yellow", or "Green" based on the variance and then use conditional formatting based on these helper columns.

    =IF(ABS([Stage 1 PC Temp]@row - [Stage 1 Actual Temp]@row)> 5, "Red", IF(ABS([Stage 1 PC Temp]@row - [Stage 1 Actual Temp]@row)> 2.5, "Yellow", "Green"))

    The above would flag red for any variance greater than 5 degrees in either direction, yellow for any variance between 2 1/2 and 5 degrees in either direction, and green for any variance less than 2 1/2 degrees in either direction.