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Hello Experts,

I have a cell with multiple words. I want to bring some specific words of these to a target cell. Please help.

for example, Involuntary in first cell and voluntary in second cell.


  • Zachary Hall
    Zachary Hall ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    It is hard to help specifically without knowing what the criteria for the words to bring over are. I want to provide a potential solution, so you might be able to tweak this if it isn't exactly what you are looking for. Here is a solution assuming that you want to pull the word between the "<" symbols and calling the column you are pulling from [Data]:

    • =MID([Data]@row, FIND(" >", [Data]@row) + 2, FIND(" > ", [Data]@row, FIND("> ", [Data]@row) + 2) - (FIND(" > ", [Data]@row) + 2))

    I hope this helps!


    Zach Hall

    Training Delivery Manager / Charter Communications

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