CountIF won't recognise the result of a formula

I have a column that contains a column formula driven from a date.


Detection Date = DD/MM/YY

Year = formula: =20 + RIGHT([Detection Date]@row, 2). Result = 2023

Sheet summary

This Year = formula: =20 + RIGHT(TODAY(), 2). Result today = 2023

Breach This Year = formula: =COUNTIF(Year:Year, [This Year]#). Result = 0 (should count 113 instances of 2023).

The COUNTIF formula simply will not recognise the 2023 in the Year column. Even if i change the formula to state =COUNTIF(Year:Year, 2023) or put 2023 in "", the result is always the same as 0.

How can I update my COUNTIF to recognise the value of 2023 in the Year column?

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