I have a dropdown column that I need the choices to associate with a value?

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I have a dropdown column [Session 1] that has 7 different options.

-Juvenile Parole Reform Update: Using Mitigation Best Practices Focused on Healing from Harm

-The Intersection of the New Mexico Indian Family Protection Act, Culture, Geography, and Law in Child Welfare*

-Improving Resource Access to Families - NMCAN Youth Panel

-Special Immigrant Classification Act (SIJCA) - Implementation of the new law protecting vulnerable youth

-The Role of the Guardian ad Litem for Represented Individuals

-Interdisciplinary Engagements with Mental Health Professionals: Building Trust and Common Goals

-The Story of Our Families: Who They Are, How We Are Serving Them, and Why They Matter- Panel

-Round Four Child and Family Services Review

-Kinship Guardianship: Creating Opportunities, Changing Outcomes

When an option is selected, I have a help column [Day 1 Session 1] that has the following formula to assign the text a value.

=IF(HAS([Session 1]@row, OR("Juvenile", "Intersection", "Improving", "Special", "Guardian", "Mental", "Story", "Round", "Kinship")), 1.5) but the column is coming up blank. No error message, just blank.

I tried the following formula and it is producing a result but I want to search for a word from each title not just the one =IF(CONTAINS("Juvenile", [Session 1]1), 1.5)


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