Multiple IF function formula not working


I am wondering why my formula is unparseable:

=IF(Proof@row = "Waiting for Proof", [Proof Start Date]@row + 30), IF(Proof@row = "Family Service Rep", [Proof Start Date]@row + 14))

If my proof reads "Waiting for Proof" I'd like it to calculate a due date of 30 days from the proof start date. However, if the proof reads "Family Service Rep" then I'd like it to calculate a due date of 14 days after the start date. Columns are set to date for both proof start date and proof due date. Ideally I would like to add a third element.

I can get the formula to work with a single variable: =IF(Proof@row = "Waiting for Proof", [Proof Start Date]@row + 14)

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