Project Plan Notification Settings - How to stop email notifications

Christine Cao
Christine Cao ✭✭✭
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Our Project Plan is configured to not trigger any assignment notification through workflow. However, as the owner of these templates, I keep getting multiple notifications every day, sometimes in the dozens. Does anyone know of some general setting that stops this notification from triggering every day? I clicked on the Find Out How link to learn more and it didn't give me any additional insight into stopping these emails.

My workflow setting is set to "Restricted" as intended.


  • Ella
    Ella ✭✭✭✭

    @Christine Cao There is no way to stop this notification unless you remove that particular email address from your sheet. Your restricted automation permissions are clashing with the fact that this contact is in a field where he gets to be notified hence you are getting this.

  • Christine Cao

    @Ella -

    Hi Ella, Thank you for your response. Just wanted to clarify, Project Plan templates does NOT have workflow set-up to notify anyone of their assignment, which is intentional. The email is telling me people are not being notified, which again is intentional. I think I'm getting these email reminders so much because I'm the "owner" of the sheet not because I'm assigned. My email is not on the sheet itself under the assignee column yet I get these reminders every single day. It probably has to do with the Assignee column being a "Contact" type of column. If there's no way to stop these, I suppose a work around is to create an outlook rule to put these into a folder. Thank you