About "schedule availability" and "set asset availability for Collections"

Hi, I just found out that there are two ways to schedule availability. One is via the clock icon from the tool bar, and the other is via [add to Collection] menu. I think the second one is made to allow users can set different availability for each Collection.

However, as the screenshots below, when I set the past date via the clock icon and the future date via [add to collection] menu as expiration dates,

the "Expired" label was added to the asset immediately and it was also shown at the Collection level. However, when I checked the asset detail page at the collection level, it still showed both of the expiration dates below.

Is it correct that the expiration date at Brandfolder level overrides the one at Collection level? IF so, I think it is needed that a user is not allowed to set the later expiration date at Collection level than the expiration date at Brandfolder.


  • Rebeca S.
    Rebeca S. Employee Admin

    Hi @Joanne Nam,

    An asset's availability status, including expiration, does affect how it shows at Collection level. You can read more about asset availability here.

    "IF so, I think it is needed that a user is not allowed to set the later expiration date at Collection level than the expiration date at Brandfolder."

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  • Hi, thank your for you answers.

    I already had read the asset availability article before I created this question, but I couldn't find a comparison between two different ways to set an asset availability. So, I was a bit confused because two different expiration dates are displayed separately in asset detail page from a Collection(referring my screenshots above). I'd ike to make it clear if it is correct the asset availablility which is set through the clock icon at Brandfolder takes precedence over the asset availability which is set through the [add to Collection] feature.

    Thank you.

  • Rebeca S.
    Rebeca S. Employee Admin

    Hi Joanne,

    I've confirmed that this is correct. If an asset’s expiration date is met, that asset will be moved to an expired state, and will not be visible to guest or collaborator users at any resource level (Brandfolder, collection, share link). Even if the asset availability date of the collection has not yet passed, the asset itself will be expired when its asset level expiration date has passed.

  • Hi Rebeca,

    thank you for confirming again!