Need Formula to Show Brag status in another column as "At Risk" rather than RED


I am trying to make a formula that will take the RAG status showing in front of the project (RED shown above) and have it show on the Overall BRAG Status row above as AT Risk rather than just RED.


  • KPH
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    I think you are looking for a formula to use in the parent row that will create a blue dot if any of the child rows have a red dot. Like this:

    If so, you need to make the column a symbol column with red, amber, green, and blue options.

    Then use this formula to return Blue if the child rows contain Red.

    =IF(CONTAINS("Red", CHILDREN()), "Blue")

    You probably already have a formula that creates the red dot. You can adapt that to work only on child rows, and use the new formula on the parent rows by counting the children and applying the new formula only if there are more than 0 children, and the existing formula on all other rows.

    =IF(COUNT(CHILDREN()) > 0, IF(CONTAINS("Red", CHILDREN()), "Blue"), "existing formula to create red")

    If you prefer the words "AT RISK" to a blue dot then change the word "Blue" to "AT RISK" in the formula.

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