Autofill if a column contains vs. if true or false


trying to figure out if/how i can make a sheet auto fill a column based "if contains" not "if true"/"if false"

Ex: Door Schedule for production

Column to report on = Door Size

Reporting Column = Drop down of hinge counts

If "Door Size" contains "8-0" - Hinge Counts = 4

If "Door Size" contains "7-0" - Hinge Counts = 3

What would that Formula be?



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @zszostak

    I'm assuming only the number needs to go into the Hinge Counts column and not the number + text. The formula should reside in the Hinge Counts column.

    =IF([Door Size]@row="8-0", 4, IF([Door Size]@row="7-0", 3))

    If "8-0" is the complete textstring in your Door Size column, you do not need to use the CONTAINS function. If the "8-0" is only part of the the textstring, ex; "8-0 partnumber ABC", then yes, you could use the CONTAINS function.

    If you must use the CONTAINS function

    =IF(CONTAINS("8-0", [Door Size]@row), 4, IF(CONTAINS("7-0", [Door Size]@row),3))

    Let me know if you also need the text and I'll show you how to modify the formulas above.


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