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I am looking for a way to parse column Task/Description and add up all of the items sub totals.

Ideally should look like this:

400- Sorter & Recirc Loop 416

500- 3 Aftersorts 144

There will be other tasks/descriptions, Tasks 100 to 1000. We just haven't gotten that far yet

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    It sounds like you want to sum the subtotals for each Task/Description separately.

    The SUMIF formula will do this.

    The syntax is SUMIF(range, criterion, sum_range)

    So, if your data looks like this

    You can create this

    Using this formula in Column6

    =SUMIF([Task/Description]:[Task/Description], [Column5]@row, [Sub Total]:[Sub Total])

    This means sum all the amounts in the [Sub Total] column where the value in the [Task/Description] column matches the value in [Column5] on this row.

    You probably want to do this in a separate sheet, in which case you will need to change the column references to cross-sheet references. Explanation here if you need it:


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