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Hi all,

I'm trying to get the count of a specific Call Outcome in a given month.

I've tried =COUNTIF({Call 1 Outcome}, "No Answer") and =COUNTIF({All Calls}, "No Answer") to get the total count however when I add a second condition i.e. =COUNTIF({All Calls}, "No Answer", {All Calls}, "Nov") it given an error.

I'm trying to count a specific outcome for a given month. e.g. total count of 'Follow up' during the month of November.

I'd appreciate any help.

Many thanks,


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    Hi Freddie

    i didn’t pay enough attention to your cross sheet references last night. You need to set up two references with one column in each, not select the whole sheet. Replace the first reference with a reference to just the column containing “no answer”. Replace the second reference with a reference to just the column with the months in.


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