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Can you please help me to figure out why this formula is returing 0 while the range contains this text? =COUNTIF([Data]:[Data], "*Risk01*") The range is a drop down column allowing selection of multiple risk. I'm looking to obtain a number how many times each risk was selected. Risk01 is not the full text, only part of a sentence.

thank you


  • Eric Law
    Eric Law ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    It's not working because you need the full text in the parenthesis. If you are trying to use a shortcut by looking for a part of text, you can do =COUNTIF(Data:Data, CONTAINS("Risk01", @cell))

  • Dorota Dunne

    thank you Eric, unfortunatelly it's still not working. I'm unable to put the full text as in some instances we can have multiple risks mapped while I'm interest in number of incidents mapped to each risk. I'm using a help column with =IF(CONTAINS("Risk01", [Data]@row), 1, 0) but it's polutting my sheet (we have over 50 risks). This information is feeding to a sheet summarry that feeds to a dashboard and I feel like I'm complicating things unnecessary

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