How can I use a VLOOKUP/INDEX to retrieve a rate based on a distribution center ID and a date?


I currentlyy have two different sheets, one in which I have my distribution center references for their ID, the start date column and end date column to set a range for a specific rate. Therefore, I can have the same ID repeatedly but with date ranges that do not overlap and a rate for each date range and ID.

In another sheet I have a shipment ID, the date that the shipment was shipped and also the distribution center ID.

I want to retrieve the Rate, first to search for the ID and then to retrieve the correct rate based on the dates.

The formula I was using was first looking at the date and then at the distribution center ID, am I on the right track?

=IF(AND([Execution Date]@row >= {Start Date Range CpL}, [Execution Date]@row <= {End Date Range CpL}), VLOOKUP([Servicing RDC (If shuttled)]@row, {Cost Per Load Range 1}, 6, false), "No Rate Found")


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