Check Out My New Demo Web App: A Smartsheet Dashboard Visualizer!

Hello All,

I'm excited to share a simple yet effective demo of my new web app showcasing Smartsheet's API's power. You can find it here:

It's Free and secure!

What's This App About?

After successful OAuth2 authentication, you'll be directed to a Smartsheet Dashboard. It's a straightforward demonstration of how Smartsheet data can be visually represented and interactively accessed through a custom web application.

Please Note:

  • The app is a basic demo intended to inspire and show the API's potential.
  • As it's hosted on a low-spec server, I appreciate your patience with loading times.

Why Check It Out?

  • Simple Integration: Experience firsthand how Smartsheet integrates with external applications.
  • A Peek into API Usage: Get inspired about what you can achieve with Smartsheet's API.

Your feedback is crucial! After trying out the demo, let me know your thoughts or suggestions. It's a simple setup, but it effectively demonstrates the potential of Smartsheet's API for all.