Assigning Overflow Credits


I am trying to automate educational credits. All users need a total of 8 hours of education. They HAVE to do 4 hours of neurotrauma hours. The remaining 4 hours can be general trauma or neurotrauma.

Person 1: Completes 4 neurotrauma hours and 4 general trauma hours. Complete

Person 2: Completes 6 neurotrauma hours and 2 general trauma hours. Complete

Person 3: Completes 8 neurotrauma hours and 0 general trauma hours. Complete

Person 4: Completes 2 neurotrauma hours and 6 general trauma hours. Incomplete. Needs 2 more NT hours

I'm thinking of any neurotrauma hours over 4 to be "overflow" to general trauma.

Any recommendations? Thanks.

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