is there a Formula or Function that will only allow you to check after other criteria is met?


I have an automation that sends cell information to another department. But I only want to allow the box to be checked and send this automation if an "effective date" is entered.


  • Matthew J McAteer

    Hi @Joe Hedger,

    I believe the only way to control whether the box gets checked would be to put formula in that column to check the box when Effective Date is no longer blank.

    Hope that helps,


  • Joe Hedger

    Thanks, @Matthew J McAteer. The box gets checked manually and sets an automation without the effective date entered. Sometimes we have an effective entered weeks before we need to check the box to send the automation update. Other times the box gets checked without the date.

    The fix I have: When the box is checked (when triggered) Where the Effective Date is Blank, Change Cell Value to Unchecked.

    I adjusted the automation only to send the box check alert hourly, so hopefully, the box will uncheck itself before the automation is sent.

    I also have an automated alert if the box is unchecked. Alerting me it was unchecked and to check for en effective date.

    Thanks again. If someone has a better solution, I am open to it.

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