Sumifs match @row


We are keeping stats on one sheet named, "2024 STATS..." using SumChild formulas to roll up the daily stats per week, per month, per Doctor in the office. I'm trying to get the combined total for the clinic, for each stat to appear on another Sheet called, "Stats Metrics." To ensure the stats are coming from the correct week for each Doc. I'd like for the number in the [Week of the Year] column on the "Stat Metrics" to match the number from the "2024 Stats.." sheet.

Current Forumla : #incorrect Argument Set.

=SUMIFS({2024 STATS (Leap Year) new pat}, {2024 STATS (Leap Year) wk of yr}, "[Week of the Year]@row", MATCH([Week of the Year]@row))

Any suggestions?


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