Count the # of projects with end date 60 days from today


I want to count the number of "Active" projects with an End Date within 60 days of today. I tried this and got an invalid operations error.

=COUNTIFS({sheetname range},"Active",{sheetname range} <=TODAY(60))

The first sheetname range is the Type column (shows Active, Completed, Planned, etc.)

The second sheet name is the column with all the End Dates. Every project has an End Date, there are no blanks.

If possible, I would like to say Type <> Completed. But I was trying to start with it being easier and just select Active. It would be nice to include all the different Types (like Planned, Initiate and Active) and just exclude Completed.

Once I get this to work, I'm going to flip to count the number of projects starting within 60 days.

Thank you in advance

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