Getting error while indexing entries from other sheet.


Hello there!

A little background:

So I have 2 sheets that get inputs from two forms (Form 1 and Form 2). Both sheets belong to the same student(one gets filled by the college and one by the student). I am using the ID number as the identifier and

On the backend of Form 2 I have used the index match formula to gather all the information from Form 1 using the ID number as an identifier.

The formula is working correctly, when I make an entry on both forms, form 2 pulls all the information from form 1 (indexed) and 2 itself.

The problem arises when I make more than one entry, all the indexed values from the first entry start showing #NOMATCH, and when I make the third entry the first two show #NO MATCH, and so on.

Can anyone let me know what am I doing wrong here?

Attaching SS for reference


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