How can I bring back the word yes, if checkbox is checked in another sheet?


I have 2 sheets that I am working with. 1 is a status report that our Lead enters pertinent dates and information regarding each active project. The second is an intake sheet that is project specific, i.e., its pulling all of the data for one particular project that is entered on the status sheet and laying it out in an easily readable format.

The status sheet has a column that has a checkbox in it.

The intake sheet wants to pull a date field (because the column is set to date since that is what the majority of the info is).

I would like to have, maybe, an IF statement here. Something that tells the intake sheet that IF the checkbox is checked, bring back YES. If it is blank, bring back no.

Admittedly, I am terrible at syntax statements so hopefully someone has an idea of how to make this work. Any suggestions?


  • Mr. Chris
    Mr. Chris ✭✭✭✭✭


    You will need a common unique identifier on both sheets to make this work.

    Use an INDEX MATCH formula with the identifier Indexing the Checkbox column.

    Then you can apply your IF Checkbox is True, YES, otherwise NO.

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