Forumla showing 0s - would like it to be blank if 0


Hello, I am trying to make my formula to be blank if a 0 shows up and I do not want a 0 showing up on my dashboard. I tried adding the if function and must of been entering it wrong because it did not come back as an actual formula.

The below is the current formula I am using. I am pulling data from a set of rows based on department name and if a goal is "In Progress" "Not Started" or "Complete"

=COUNTIFS({Department column}, $[Column3]@row, {Progress column}, [In Progress]$1)

Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you

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  • JamesB
    JamesB ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    @Steve1298 Try this...

    =if(COUNTIFS({Department column}, $[Column3]@row, {Progress column}, [In Progress]$1)=0,"",COUNTIFS({Department column}, $[Column3]@row, {Progress column}, [In Progress]$1))

    Basically if your formula result returns a 0, then blank, else execute your formula.


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