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I am having a slight issue with a formula that I have set up to automatically select red, yellow, green, gray ball based on programme start dates, finish date, % planned and % complete.

The formula for % Planned is =IF(ISBLANK(Level@row), IF(TODAY() > Finish@row, 1, IF(TODAY() < Start@row, 0, ((NETWORKDAY(Start@row, TODAY()) / (NETWORKDAY(Start@row, Finish@row)))))), IFERROR(AVGW(CHILDREN(), CHILDREN(Duration@row)), 0))

The formula for the RYGG is =IF([% Planned]@row <= [% Complete]@row, "Green", IF([% Planned]@row <= [% Complete]@row + 0.03, "Yellow", "Red"))

% Complete is a manual entry column.

The problem that I am having is that depending on the timeframe, the % Planned formula calculates a number with decimal values. See below snip showing the cells with decimal places shown.

Seeing as the %Complete column is manual input, our project managers will be entering whole numbers, we get a false reading on the RYGG value. Is there any way to tweak the formula to take the decimal values into account, i.e. if % Planned is <=.009 then yellow?

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