Adding in "Overdue" in formula using one date value vs. Today


I am trying to create a formula to flag something is overdue, when comparing it to Today's Date Only. What is the formula? I have been trying this one:

=IF(AND(TODAY() > [Tactical Due for Approval]@row, "OVERDUE"))

But it will not work


  • VicFar
    VicFar ✭✭

    So i was able to get it to work using =IF([Tactical Due for Approval]@row < TODAY(), "Overdue"), but i think i need it to be more complex. How can i transform it to take into account "Tacticals Approved". I would need to add in a rule, if it is approved than the tactical overdue would be "Complete" if it is "Not Approved" it would be "Overdue"

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