How do I add one cell of data once created into another sheet?


When a new row is created in Sheet A it is given an auto number. I then want to tell Sheet B that a new row has been added, or rather I want to show the new auto number in Sheet B. But only for rows where another column meets a criteria i.e. we log a certain name and so only want to send the auto number where the column has text "xx" in it.

In Sheet B the auto number will then be used in a data mesh between the 2 sheets....I just needed to get the unique identifier in each sheet.

Any ideas??



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    Hello @David_Workman1!

    Since you're already using Datamesh between the two sheets, would using the "Copy and Add New" function work for you? This would allow the Datamesh to recognize when a new unique identifier has been added and automatically add it to Sheet B.

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