=OR(ISBLANK Formaula


I am trying to build a =OR(ISBLANK formula into a text box column. Check will display is any cell is blank.

I have the following formula but is displaying #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET. =OR(ISBLANK([Producer Code(s)]@row, ISBLANK([Servicer AM/AE Codes]@row, ISBLANK([SIC Code]@row, ISBLANK(FEIN@row, ISBLANK([LOB’s to be set up]@row, ISBLANK([BOR Effective Date]@row, ISBLANK([Date Submitted]@row))))))))

I have the same formula in another sheet with other cells and works so I am very lost.

Thank you!!!



  • SteyJ
    SteyJ ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    =OR(ISBLANK([producer code(s)]@row), 
    ISBLANK([Servicer AM/AE Codes]@row), 
    ISBLANK([SIC Code]@row), ISBLANK(FEIN@row), 
    ISBLANK([LOB’s to be set up]@row), 
    ISBLANK([BOR Effective Date]@row), 
    ISBLANK([Date Submitted]@row))

    you can try doing it like this. you'll want to enclose your ISBLANK functions


    Jacob Stey

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